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Enjoy 20% off your first CU purchase, collect points and get gifts!

CU Benefits:

  • Receive a gift upon joining – 20% off when signing up for membership.
  • 50 NIS gift for one time purchase over 150 NIS in stores,in the following month of signing up for membership.
  • Earn points worth 10% of each purchase online or in store (1 ILS = 1 point). Each Castro point = NIS 1
    Collect points equal to the value of an item – and get it for free
  • Enjoy a birthday surprise – a 20% discount on one purchase on your birthday.
  • Gain special benefits – all year long
  • Be the first to know – about all Castro fashion news and special events

Your CU membership has expired?

To keep enjoying all our CU benefits and earn more CU points, please renew your membership for only 50 NIS.

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How much does it cost?

  • To join the Castro CU Club – 80 NIS for the first year

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