• Purchase on the site

    • Can payment on the site be made in monthly installments?Yes, purchases can be made at Castro in monthly installments with no interest. Monthly Installment Options: Up to 2 installments for a purchase over NIS 200 Up to 3 installments for a purchase over NIS 300 Up to 4 installments for a purchase over NIS 400 Up to 5 installments for a purchase over NIS 500 Up to 6 installments for a purchase over NIS 600
    • Can I purchase gifts for friends and family through the website?Absolutely! Castro is happy to enable you to purchase gifts to those close to you, and you have a number of options: • Purchase of a magnetic Giftcard: The card can be sent by mail, or picked up from a store of your choice. Magnetic Giftcards may be purchased for the fixed sums of 100, 150, 180, 200, 300, 400, 500, and/or 600 NIS. Click here to purchase a magnetic Giftcard. Please note: This card may be used only for purchases at Castro stores, not for purchases on the website. • Delivery of a gift package through the Castro site: Any item that you purchase on the site can also be shipped as a gift to a destination of your choice. During checkout, when choosing the shipping method for the package, you can choose special gift options such as the addition of a personal greeting/message, a gift exchange voucher, and have prices on the labels erased.
    • Why do I need to enter the last three digits on the back of my credit card?In accordance with the directives of the credit card companies, this data must be collected from the customer. Entering the three digits on the back of the credit card (the verification code) enables us to verify that the person making the purchase is the cardholder. For American Express cards, the verification code is 4 digits.
    • Are my credit card details kept in Castro’s system?No. Credit card details and information used for purchasing on the site are not kept at all in Castro's systems. The charging of the cards on the site is executed through CreditGuard, a certified and secure company (PCI compliant), 3rd party company. All of this is done to ensure safe purchasing for our website customers.
    • Is the Castro site secured and safe for purchasing?Yes. The Castro site is a secured site, and all data submitted by customers while browsing on the site is kept confidential and secure. Confidentiality of information is maintained through the standard protocol for electronic commerce (SSL – Secure Socket Layer), which is used to encrypt data from the moment it is received by the system until its transfer to the Castro site’s system.
    • What is a site discount code?A discount code is a number sent from time to time as a benefit to Castro customers for making purchases on the site. If you have received a discount code, you can enter it when placing your order on the site, and receive the discount for a purchase on the site.
    • Can I use Castro gift certificates/cards upon purchases on the site?Purchases on the site cannot be made with gift certificates, vouchers, points, charged gift cards, or store credit certificates. Such gift certificates can be used in only at Castro stores.
    • Are prices of items on the site the same as prices in the stores?Yes. The prices of items on the Castro site and at Castro stores are identical.
    • Can I purchase items on the site and pick them up at one of the stores?Absolutely. During checkout, when choosing the shipping method, select “Pick-up at Store”, and mark the store of your preference as the pick-up location.
    • When is the charge executed for an order placed on the site?The charge will be executed automatically and immediately when the ordering process is completed. Completion of the ordering process is dependent on the receipt of approval from the credit card company for execution of the charge. In the event the transaction is not approved by the credit card company, you will be informed with a message in your browser window.
    • How do you make a purchase on Castro’s website?

      Browse among the items on the Castro site through the various categories, or search for your favorite items with the website’s search engine. On each item page you enter, you can choose the color and size you want, and add the item to your shopping with the “Add to Cart” button.

    • What are the options for payment on the site?Payment can be made with credit cards of the following types: Visa Cal, Visa Leumi, MasterCard, Isracard, and American Express.
    • I did not receive confirmation of my purchase. What should I do?If the automatic confirmation message is not received within 48 hours from the time of order confirmation, please contact Castro’s customer service by email: info@castro.co.il or by phone: 1 800 266 066. If, for some reason, your order was not executed, our customer service department will contact you.
    • How do I know that the purchase was completed successfully?Upon the conclusion of the checkout process, you will be transferred to a page that will display an order confirmation. An automatic confirmation of the order will also be sent to your email address within 48 hours from the moment you conclude your purchase. If your order is valid, an additional email message will be sent to you containing a confirmation of the order and a shipment number.
    • I forgot my password. What should I do?No problem at all: Click here or on “Forgot My Password” on the website entry page, then enters the email address you registered with, and the password will be sent directly to your email address.
    • How do I change my password on the site?You can update all your personal details as well as your password on the My Account page, under the category of Personal Details. Click here to view your personal Account page.
    • What is “My Account”?Immediately upon registering on the Castro site, a “My Account” page is created for you, on which you can keep track of your orders, view the purchases you have made, update your personal information, and view your personal Shopping Cart and wishlist. Click here to view your personal Account page.
    • Do I need to register on the site in order to make purchases at Castro’s online store?• If this is your first purchase on the site, you can register through a short registration process to enable you to make quick and easy purchases on the site in future. • If you are not interested in registering on the site, you can choose the option “Continue as a Guest” when entering the site, and then you can complete your order without registering on the site. • If you have already registered in the past, all you need to do is enter your email address and password.
    • What is my Wishlist?The wishlist allows you to mark items that you like and will want to purchase in the future. These items you can always add later to your shopping cart in order to purchase them. Click here to view your wishlist.
    • What is my Shopping Cart?The shopping cart allows you to collect all the items you like and are interested in purchasing on the website into one place (your shopping cart). To add an item to the cart, click the “Add to Cart” button, located on the right-hand side of each item image. By clicking the “Add to” button at the top right of each page, you can see how many items were added to your shopping. After the addition of any item to your shopping bag, you can click the “Checkout” button and complete your purchase, or continue browsing through the store to add additional items to you shopping bag. Your shopping bag will be saved in our system for a period of two weeks. Click here to view your shopping cart.
  • CU Membership

    • Does Castro have a members club?

      Absolutely. Be introduced to CU – Castro’s members club, with an especially beneficial rewards card. CU members accumulates points for 10% of the purchase value, get a sign-up gift, benefit from birthday surprises, and be informed first of hot benefits, fashion news, and special events – all year round.

      In addition, when you sign up or renew your CU membership, you can benefit from double the points accumulation (20%) for your purchase value.

    • How much are CU points worth?

      If you are a CU member, every order placed on the site (just like in our chain stores'  purchase) will credit you with points valued at 10% of your purchase value. Each CU point is worth 1 NIS. Have you accumulated points equal to the value of an item at a Castro store? You can get the item for free!

    • How much does it cost to join the CU club?

      The cost of joining CU – Castro’s members club, for a year, is 80 NIS. The cost of renewing your membership each additional year is 50 NIS.

    • Do I get CU points for purchases made on the website?

      Absolutely. In order to receive points for a purchase made on the site, during checkout please indicate that you are a CU member, and enter your CU card number and ID number in order to be identified.

      Please note: Your CU card is personal and meant for your use only, so it is non-transferable.

    • I forgot my CU membership number. What should I do?

      Click the link “Forgot My Password” and enter your email address. If the email address matches the address in our database, the card number will be sent to that email address.

      If you still encounter problems, our customer service will be glad to assist you, by email: info@castro.co.il or by phone: 1-800-266-066.

    • Can I spend my CU points through purchases on the website?

      You can receive points for a purchase made on the site, but points can only be spent in Castro stores (not including outlet stores).

    • How can I know how many CU points I have accumulated in my account?

      To find out your up-to-date point total through the website, click here, and enter your ID number and your CU member number. You need only perform this action once in order to link your membership data with the Castro system, and thereafter your membership account will be automatically linked with your personal account.

      Your CU points remain valid as long as your membership is valid.

    • Can I join CU or renew my membership through the Castro website?

      You cannot join the CU club or renew your membership through the website. In order to join or renew membership in the CU club, please contact Castro’s customer service department at phone number 1‑800‑266‑066, or contact/go to the Castro store nearest you.

    • How can I know whether my membership card is still valid?

      For up-to-date membership status, membership renewal, or inquiries regarding the point total in your account, click here, or contact Castro’s customer service department at phone number 1-800-266-066, or contact/go to the Castro store nearest you.

    • My CU membership expired. How can I renew it, and can I collect points for a purchase on the site anyway?

      If your membership has expired, you can make the purchase, and afterwards, contact our customer service department at phone number 1-800-266-066 in order to renew your membership. These points will be added to your account after the renewal.

      You can also renew your membership at the Castro store nearest you.

    • Click here to view the CU terms and conditions

      Click here to view the CU terms and conditions.