Contributing to the Community

As the leading fashion house in Israel, Castro attributes supreme importance to the commitment to be involved with and contribute to the Israeli society and community. This privilege to be so involved encourages the fashion house to be steadfast in continuing a longstanding tradition of nurture and investment in education for excellence, investment in children, and support for the generation of the future of fashion and design in Israel.
Castro’s commitment to society and community is part of a long-term vision built by the company founder, Aharon Castro, out of his faith that our future as a society and country lies within the generation of the future. Educating for leadership and excellence thus symbolizes a striving for a better future here in Israel.

Castro for Excellence in Education

Castro works toward the provision of equal opportunities in Israeli society for children and adolescents, and operates through a number of unique projects that support the young generation and close some of the gaps in Israeli society.

“Bat Yam the Excellent City”:

The Castro Center for Excellence was opened with the goal of nurturing and encouraging outstanding students socially and academically, and maximizing their latent potential. Castro’s education project in Bat Yam encompasses all the municipal schools. Castro has assumed responsibility for developing academic excellence and achieving high-level matriculation for some 500 students, as well as developing their leadership skills and social responsibility, improving the schools’ achievements and raising the level of studies.

“Castro at the University”:

A Castro project for early admission to university for 150 students, as preparation for their future degree studies. The project takes in outstanding youth who have little access to higher education, and provides them an academic supplement and a push towards learning that their schools cannot give them. The special program that the university provides assists each student to express his abilities, through social-academic experiences and challenges. Each year some 400 students from the periphery study in the program, gaining exposure to the academic world, and becoming leaders in their schools, in their families, and in their communities.

Castro Center Jaffa:

Castro’s project, in conjunction with the College for All organization, is aimed at nurturing excellence among 70 outstanding students from grades 2 to 6. The center identifies outstanding students in weak neighborhoods, and those who pass the tests with excellent results join the organization’s program and benefit from a rich and comprehensive program that accompanies them from grades 2 to 6. The program’s main goal is to provide a comprehensive system-wide solution that will enable students and youth with potential for excellence to succeed in their matriculation exams, to complete their academic studies, and to become contributing members of society. A social-academic program is built for the students, taking place in the afternoon hours, and conducted by professional counselors. It includes academic enrichment, trips, and workshops.

Castro for the Future Generation of Design

Castro has undertaken a commitment to encourage and nurture the exceptional design abilities among Israelis, out of a belief that there is vast creative treasure buried in Israel.

Collaboration with Young Designers:

Castro’s joint creation with promising designers expresses the fashion house’s faith in the local design treasure hidden here in Israel, and in the power of original and creative achievement. Because of this, Castro sees fit to take under its wing young and promising designers in the world of fashion. Castro allows them to create freely and benefit from the experienced guiding hands of some of the best designers currently working at Castro’s studio.
In the last few seasons, Castro has launched successful capsule collections from young designers such as Alon Livne and Yonatan Zohar, among others.

Castro and Shenkar:

As the fashion house with the largest design studio in Israel, all of whose designers are outstanding graduates of Shenkar, Castro sees itself as committed to the encouragement and support of students studying fashion design. For many years, Castro has been supporting the fashion design department at Shenkar, and, as a donation, has granted exclusive sponsorship of the Shenkar graduates’ annual fashion show, in addition to achievement scholarships, and internships for outstanding design students.

The Design Terminal:

In order to encourage and nurture the future generation of Israel’s designers, Castro has sponsored a unique social project of the Bat Yam municipality and the Outbox organization. This project’s purpose is to encourage daily creative activity in the heart of the community, while developing and supporting a variety of different design businesses. In the framework of this project, the “Design Terminal” was built – an interdisciplinary center for design, providing designers with a professional, modern studio to work in, in Bat Yam’s renewed commercial zone. The project also provides business and professional assistance, in exchange for which the designers donate six hours of their time to the community. The Design Terminal was built in a building that belongs to Castro, which was loaned to the Bat Yam municipality free of charge.

Castro for Excellence in Sports:

The design of the Israeli Olympic team uniforms is a natural endeavor for Castro, and constitutes a setting for the meeting of Israeli excellence with local design and creativity. Castro sees it as an honor and a privilege to contribute to the Israeli Olympic team, to support the Israeli aspiration to be first, and to design the official team uniforms with Castro values and style.
The apparel by Castro for the Israel Olympic team was made completely as a contribution to the Olympic Committee, and in 2012 Castro dressed the official team for the fifth consecutive time.

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